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I have experienced significant spiritual and physical differences


Spiritual testimonial when you read my journal, you can see the connection of my mind body and soul and how amazing I feel after each class. Even after your first class, you do feel like a million dollars, there is a sense of accomplishment because you know you know you have never done anything like this before. The room is so hot, 105 degrees and you are stretching, pulling, and exerting..the results are internal and external. Another part to the spiritual is the breathing that you do in class. Bikram, hot yoga, is a series of 26 poses, with 2 breathing series (pranayama). Pranayama is controlled breath which begins Bikram Hot Yoga. Our instructor does six counts for each inhale and six for each exhale. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, it is a very activated complete breathing exercise. The rest of the poses including the savasna has you breathing only using your nose.When you use your mouth to breath, your stimulate your "flight or fight" gland which is used when stress is involved. The example is when you encounter a bear, your gland will constrict your eyes, raise your hair, and increase your heart rate to get you to run. The reason I add this is to ensure that your spiritual journey is complimented by your breathing, which should be controlled and add to the meditation.

Physical testimonial, let me first start off with my knees. I am a runner and had a meniscal surgery over ten years ago. With that, my left knee was never the same. After a long run (over five miles), I would have a hard time sleeping because my knee was sore. I am embarrassed to say...I had to get a massage at least once a month to handle the discomfort. BUT I loved running. Since I have started Hot Yoga, I have not needed to have a massage. Not only is it incredible to know that I am saving money, but more that my body is healing by itself. Update on my running, I ran two miles without my knee brace. I could not find it before my run so I decided to cut my miles in half. Note, I have never ran without my brace because the one time I did, severe pain! The two miles were smooth, no pain on my knee. My other problem area is my left shoulder. It is taking longer than my knee but has significantly reduced in soreness, clicking and pain since I have done yoga. Bikram is known to have preventative/healing effects because through practice, you get oxygen to each joint, muscle, every part of your body. Also, there is a tourniquet-release effect that creates increased circulation. For me, I feel that is why my knee and shoulders are getting better.

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Physical testimonial, if you read my journal, you may have seen my before and after shots. I started Bikram April 9, 2010 and you can see in almost two months increased hydration, reduction of eye bags and over renewal in my face. I am overjoyed by these photos. My family tell me that I have a glow and it is incredible. Side story, I got carded twice this week! I have always had good skin, but didn't think it could get better. As far as a facial regimen, I have always taken care of my skin. This is my secret.

The four step process is C.T.H.P, Cleanse, Treat, Hydrate and Protect.

Cleanser, you need a good one that will mildly exfoliate your skin. I recommend using a Clarisonic brush (which I use three times a week) with a cleanser to remove any dead/dry areas of your skin. After Bikram, I cleanse at night. For the cleanser, make sure it is free of parabens.

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Treat, this all depends on what you are trying to treat. 20's skin probably want begin treating with Vitamin A, you probably do not have a lot of problems yet so taking care of your skin with Vitamin A will help pretreat your skin and act as a mild exfoliant. There are a lot of over the counter products (OTC) with Retinol-that is Vitamin A. 30's skin want to begin treating the sun exposed skin with Vitamin C-you probably got your fair share of sun so this is your time to reduce the freckling and sun spots. OTC products with ascorbic acid 10% is where you want to go. 40's skin we want mom used to think that was the reason wrinkles were caused by "lack of hydration". OTC products with hyaluronic acid is the best. This is natural in skin and replacing it is ideal.

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As a rule, you want to begin layering these products together and I have seen combination products with all of these .

Of course, please go to your dermatologist, esthetician or licensed agent to get personalized care. I thought you would want some information since we discussed.

Hydrate, no matter what age, this is what we need! Products with hyaluronic acid is a wonderful agent as well as essential fats like shea butter and linoleic acids. I am a big believer of this as this is what gives us our glow. In Bikram, we are sweating internally for 90 minutes and my thought is we bring essential oils out. I think this is what is adding to my skin :)

Protect, sun is our enemy! At least to our face. So we need to protect with UVA/UVB sunscreen. Most dermatologists will tell you to go at least 70 SPF. You know yourself, just protect.

Do all these and you will be able to revitalize your skin.

I do not even need lotion on my legs any more as my oils are all balanced out, it is wonderful how dewy my skin feels.

Physical testimonial, I have toned my arms and lost inches in my waist line. My intention for Bikram was a spiritual journey but losing inches is welcomed. I did not measure my arms but I know that I am more toned because I have no problem wearing some of my tank tops and strapless dresses which I would never consider without a jacket before. My jeans are loose, when I go shopping I will let you know what is the new size I am in.


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Dedication to my mama, Elizabeth~who always knew how to live life the god like way. I love you.