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yogitoes hot yoga www.whatishotyoga.com bikram pose hot yoga journalYoga Mat Product Review: I learned very quickly that my normal beach towel wasn't going to cut it for class. I had to get a "skidless" towel product.  It is exactly what it says, skidless.  Think about it, your triangle pose, so sliding, no slipping, just beautiful form.  Besides, I just bring a hand towel for my face.  Other than the skidless part, it is super absorbant and it stays put on my mat!  My recommendation is to get a light color one, I purchased it it 'sand' because I read that it stains/dye when you wash.  Additionally, I have lion hair, so I got the Yogitoes headband too.

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Coconut Product Review: If you read my diary, you will see that this has been a saving grace!  At least for my headaches.  It states that it has more potassium than two bananas and more electrolytes than sport drinks.  I love it because it is a really natural product.  I chill before class and boy what a way to treat myself after.  It is worth it


yoga mat yoga clothing flexible best recommendation www.whatishotyoga.com bikram pose hot yoga journalYoga clothing product review, there are various lines that are outstanding. I love anything that is snug and absorbant. You will understand as you begin your practice. As you see from this photo, if you are doing a pose, you will want to wear clothing that is flexible and can absorb your sweat. I like a two piece and a headband. There are so many brands out there. Your yoga studio has lines, I am sure of it that they can offer for you. You can wear anything that you feel comfortable in. For men, supportive gear as shorts and optional t-shirt.

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Basics requirements: Big beach towel size 34X63 (100% cotton), Yoga Mat and water (1-2Liters), check out Yoga Accessories below for best pricing.

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Clarisonic: I use this as regularly as I brush my teeth. It is by the same makes are the famous and wondrous Sonicare brush. Cleansing your face is a must to rid it of all the dirt and grime, but do you know that using a Clarisonic brush will remove dead skin and help improve any products you are using by more than 25% better. I was getting a facial and my esthetician was using it on me and I was so proud to know that I already have it in my skin care regimen. I highly recommend a Clarisonic brush to all skin types. They usually add a few cleansers for free. Charged it up fully and it lasts for several months. I leave mine in the shower and use it at then end of my soap and shampoo routine. Most will tell you that soap/shampoo will leave a residue so it is great to have Clarisonic clean your face last. I put my cleanser on the bristles and let it do it's magic. I have the brush slightly touch my face and dividing my face into four parts: two cheeks, forehead and jaw, Clarisonic will beep when it is time to switch and will go for a minute total. I love it! Try it and you will notice an immediate difference day one!

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This is the related/unrelated product review, I have been on a journey..and Dr. Dyer states that nothing is a coincidence.  I read this..two months later..things changed and I got introduced to Bikram.  I think you will have to experience it in your own way to understand.  Bottom line, we are ruled by our subconcious and our concious mind, two minds?  Crazy huh?  To show you proof, think about driving home and talking on the cell, you are getting home and sometimes never knew how you did it.  That is your subconcious doing it and your conscious talking on the phone.  The goal is to get the two minds into one..if this at all resonates with you--this may be something you may way-uniting your mind, body and soul-Check out Dr. Wayne Dyer's Excuses Be Gone, it is a great book or CD product.



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