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Welcome to my Bikram (Hot Yoga) Journal.

I love Bikram (Hot Yoga). I wanted to share my journey through my Journal,

give insight on products, poses, personal testimony and chat with you via my blog.

Bikram (Hot Yoga) Yoga is a series of 26 poses done in a 90 minute period.  Each pose is performed twice in a heated room, temperature at 105 degrees with approximately 40% humidity. Because of the heat and humidity, it is called Hot Yoga~


Video of What is Hot Yoga:

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The following are the health benefits and my testimonial:

Improved flexibility (because of heated room)

Reduced injury (poses are done with warm muscles)

Improved circulation (most poses are a twist, tourniquet, release effect)

Improved mood (some poses directly affect the nervous system)

Improved digestive system (weight loss)

Health and mental benefits that I could frankly go on and on about

The short and long term benefits are endless. I felt incredible even in my first day! And in just a few months, I have seen differences in my body (waist size decreasing), knee pain relief, shoulder pain diminishing (tight shoulders), and increased appearance in my skin tightness (look younger). I read that hot yoga can bring about "ageless body and timeless mind" this is so true!!! The long term benefits..well..that is what I will be finding out.

Practicing Yoga restores our body back to our original body. The years spent with our daily lifestyles is what makes the tightness and inflexibilities come about. Yoga is considered a fueling station to bring your energy back as well as regaining your original self.

Remember when you did this as a child? And as an adult-Yoga brings this back.

cobra pose baby cobra pose adultLearn more about Cobra

locus posefull locus pose adultLearn more about Locust


For your background, the founder is Yogiraj Bikram Choudhury who practiced daily for 4-6 hours.  At 13, he won the National India Yoga Championship.  However, at 17, he had a weight lifting accident on his knee and they said he would never walk again.  By practicing his Bikram yoga, his knee was healed in 6 months.  Thank goodness.

In my humble opinion, Bikram YOGA is the only form of exercise that unites the body, mind, and spirit

If you are looking for something to change in your life-mentally, spiritually, and/or physicially, you have found it in HOT YOGA.

I know I have!

Follow me in my journey.

This website will serve as the 101 (Beginner to visualize poses), my personal journal , best products that I have tried, testimonials to help you prepare for your practice too.You can share with me on my blog/forum.



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This is my personal website.  Not for commercial use, just my opinion for your benefit.

Not intended to substitute professional, medical advice.  If you have concerns or questions if Bikram/Hot Yoga is for you, please contact your doctor.

If you found this information helpful or would like to comment, I would really appreciate your visit and post on my blog at the top, please visit. Thanks!